I must say that we are lucky to have such teacher like Irina. She is a high class professional in voice production, sharing her knowledge with us. Her positive energy is noticeable from the first minutes she starts her lessons. Its catching and we are immediately set up for work. Irina's group lessons are intensive but with an individual approach. Her target is to open a potential of each of her students!

Irina Anders, Student Theatre School RITS

Irina knows her business throughout. She is a great trainer and a teacher. Her voice trainings are interesting and fascinating process. If you require voice production and development lessons – I definitely can recommend her!

Victoria Kovalenko, Studio RITS

For my birthday I received a gift of three individual Voice lessons with Irina. I am a big fan of individual lessons in general. In this particular class, I learnt how to discover my own voice. Each lesson was about one hour, split between theory and excercise, 20%-80%. Lessons were held at my flat and Irina proved to me that once I have found my own voice, speaking and singing became effortless and unique. This was a great discovery which gave me more confidence. I notice these days that women's voices could be harsh and sharp because they reflect the pressure of everyday's life. But it is possible to relax your voice and make it soft and pleasant. Thank you.!

Elena Merkoulova