Voice Management

The way you speak can indeed make a big difference in your acting, business or social environment: is your voice clear and dynamic enough to get you the audition you so want? Are you heard and understood at all times during your meetings and presentations? Do you sound self – assured on the phone?

My voice management program will assist you with breathing, voice projection and elocution to make use of your voice most efficiently. I will help you to improve the way you breathe, sound and speak, which ultimately will increase your confidence in your working environment and in your speaking abilities.

My unique program derives from a combination of the A. Strelnikova breathing technique widely known outside Russia and various Western techniques of voice development. My workshops will prove invaluable to those who rely primarily on their voices and wish to take their careers to another level. The results can be incredibly rewarding and even life changing.

I firmly believe that discovering your own natural voice is accessible to everyone and it could bring out the richest and the clearest tones your voice as well as to free your emotions. Release your physical voice and you release your inner voice. When you resonate with your professional audience and as a human being you resonate with others – the results are overwhelming.

My voice training program consists of 4 types of exercises:

Relaxation – Releasing physical tension is vital for finding your natural sound. Tension in the body affects your breathing and the muscles of your throat. As your body frees up, your real, rich, natural voice will be revealed. Effortlessly.

Breathing - Strelnikova's breathing technique is widely used in Russia as a unique health improvement method and a breathing training at the voice production classes. Her system is based on paradox breathing and movements that allows our lungs to increase their capacity by 10 – 15% or more.

Resonation - Resonators refer to the parts of our voice that amplify its tone and give it its own unique musical characteristics. The shape of each individual's resonators and individual characteristics make your voice to differ from everybody else's.

Articulation - I will give you exercises that will allow you to speak brightly and cleanly and teach you to project your voice. Impeccable articulation shows your respect to your audience.

Manage your voice – Manage yourself – Manage the situation.

Classes and prices

For quotes on prices for individual or group lessons please email me via my contact page or call on 07931 772648. For the office workshops I offer one hour free assessment during your company working hours that will allow me to tailor my program for the needs of your employees. For newcomers I offer a free 15 minutes trial lesson that you could have a taste of what I teach.