Russian Actress, Singer and Voice Coach

Irina's dream to become an actress came true after she beat all the odds and got accepted to the State Institute of Cinema (VGIK) in Moscow, Russia in 1985. Her acting tutor was one of the most famous classic film directors of Soviet cinematograph Professor Sergey Bondarchuk (Academy Award (Oscar) for "Best Foreign Language Film" (1968) for the film "War and Peace") and an actress Irina Skobtzeva. After completing 4 years of full time studies she started her acting career at the theatre-studio "Igroki" and at the same time continued studying at the post graduating course in elocution and voice-production at VGIK, under a supervision of Professor Alla Egorova. Acting work took Irina to a 6 months long theatre tour in Canada. There with her colleagues from the theatre "Igroki" she played various parts and participated in singing concerts given by the actors. At the end of 1992 she moved to England. Since then Irina has had many roles in film, TV, radio and stage. Her extensive voice-over experience in England, Germany and Russia and a unique training in the Russian classical voice production method makes her one of the highly qualified voice coaches in the UK.

Irina's Work

  • Singing Piaf
  • The Meeting G. Noskov
  • Facefit Boots Serum Promo
  • If we dead awaken L. McManus
  • Piano in Warsaw T. Wienn
  • Sweet Dream Before Diner A. Ostrovsky
  • Kirie Eleison V. Charldranian
  • Road to Paradise - Y. Beliansky